Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine values diversity and strives to create an equitable and inclusive environment for all. It is critical to our mission to help reduce inequities in health care and emergency medicine through four pillars: recruitment of residency applicants, education, community engagement, and mentorship.
Resident Demographics
  • 53% Female
  • 13% Black/African American
  • 4% Hispanic/Latinx
  • 9% LGBTQ+
Women in UMEM 
  • Faculty is 33% female
  • Female Leadership
    • Dr. Sarah Dubbs (Residency Program Director)
    • Dr. Kami Hu (Director, Combined EM/IM and EM/IM/CC Residency Programs)
    • Dr. Alexis Salerno (Director, Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship)
    • Dr. Kinjal Sethuraman (Associate Director, Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center)
    • Dr. Angela Smedley (Medical Director, Adult ED, UM Medical Center)
    • Dr. Semhar Tewelde (Assistant Residency Program Director)
    • Dr. Mercedes Torres (Assistant Medical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Mercy Medical Center)
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Social Medicine Residency Curriculum, lecture topic examples:
    • How to be an Anti-Racist Doctor – Dr. Sandra Quezada
    • Violence Against Women – Dr. Michelle Callahan
    • Health Equity Rounds – Dr. Sarah Dubbs
    • Transgender Health, Sim Lab – Dr. Ali Afrah
    • Racism and Health: The Role of Emergency Medicine – Dr. Malika Fair
    • She’s a Gay Icon! Using Symbols to Discuss Culturally Competent Care for the LGBTQ+ Community – Dr. Kevin Semelrath
    • Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health - Dr. Daniel Gingold
    • Interrogating Racial Health Equity at Boston Medical Healthcare System- Dr. Thea James
Community Engagement
  • Annual Social Bike Ride with Social Medicine group
    • Bike to various Baltimore community organizations/services to visit the site and meet staff
  • Social Medicine, Community Health Meeting
    • Learn about different resources in the community for our patients of diverse backgrounds
  • Women in EM: Volunteer at Paul's Place